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How many of the fifteen sentences use a comma and a coordinating conjunction to separate independent clauses? How many use a semicolon? The Bottom Le The Bottom Line See if your sentence has two independent clauses, and make sure they are separated with a period, a semicolon, or a comma and coordinating conjunction. run-on UNIT ONE: Understanding the Basic Sentence R E V IE W To write effectively, you must be able to recognize and correctly punctuate basic sentences. Every basic sentence has these components: ■ a subject and a verb ■ a self-contained, complete idea Another term for a basic sentence is an independent clause.

Because there was no source of fresh water on the island. Key West was a temporary home for fishermen and pirates. A source of much humor today. Santa Barbara, on the other hand, is overflowing with its Spanish heritage. Especially in its architecture. Santa Barbara today looks classically Spanish. With its white buildings and red tile roofs. (6) 19 Lesson 1: Fragments Editing Practice 3 frag Correct all fragment errors in the following paragraph using the first correction as a model. The number in parentheses at the end of the paragraph indicates how many errors you should find.

The Highway from Hell. Tip applied: ✗ I realize the Highway from Hell. / The Highway from Hell. ^ Use a comma to connect a renamer fragment. Expanded: It is called the I have to commute on the beltway. The Highway from Hell. ^ ADVERB FRAGMENT Example: Yesterday’s traffic was worse than usual. ✗ Because there was an accident. Tip applied: ✗ I realize because there was an accident. / Because there was an accident. ^ Don’t use a comma to connect most adverb fragments. Expanded: Yesterday’s traffic was worse than usual.

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