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By Iain Adamson

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This publication has been known as a Workbook to make it transparent from the beginning that it's not a traditional textbook. traditional textbooks continue by means of giving in each one part or bankruptcy first the definitions of the phrases for use, the suggestions they're to paintings with, then a few theorems related to those phrases (complete with proofs) and at last a few examples and routines to check the readers' knowing of the definitions and the theorems. Readers of this publication will certainly locate the entire traditional constituents--definitions, theorems, proofs, examples and exercises­ yet now not within the traditional association. within the first a part of the booklet might be discovered a brief evaluate of the elemental definitions of normal topology interspersed with a wide num­ ber of workouts, a few of that are additionally defined as theorems. (The use of the note Theorem isn't meant as a sign of trouble yet of significance and value. ) The workouts are intentionally now not "graded"-after the entire difficulties we meet in mathematical "real life" don't are available order of hassle; a few of them are extremely simple illustrative examples; others are within the nature of educational difficulties for a conven­ tional direction, whereas others are really tough effects. No options of the workouts, no proofs of the theorems are integrated within the first a part of the book-this is a Workbook and readers are invited to aim their hand at fixing the issues and proving the theorems for themselves.

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Similar examples exist for any type of algebraic structure which can be given by generators and relations: the monoidal product is given by using the disjoint union of the underlying sets of two objects as a set of generators and imposing the relations which exist in the summands. 4 ( G r p s , *, 1, a, p, A) is a monoidal category, where * is the free product, 1 is the trivial group, and a, p and A are given on generators (elements of the groups whose free product is taken) by the map of the same name in the previous example targeted at the set of generators.

23 r / i . . « 7 < 8 > / . . fn-\. /„i. g®h.. g® \h] . . / „ ! 56 Functorial Knot Theory L e m m a 3 . ,xn ? s a C-paracoherent natural transformation (resp. ,xn, where I is inserted in the ith position, and similarly if I is inserted in the ith position for all i € T C { 1 , . n}. ] is a paracoherent natural transformation from the fully left-parenthesized product (resp. F of the fully left-parenthesized product) of Xn .. Xik to the fully right-parenthesized product of Xil .. Xik (resp. ,n}\T and ii < 12 < ..

The inclusions ij : Cj —>• UjejCj are functors. Likewise, given functors Fj : Cj —> V, there is a (unique) functor F : JJ e jCj —> V such that F{tj)=Fj for all j . 30 Structure functors for products Given an indexed family of categories {Cj}j£j, the product Ylj^jCj is a category with componentwise source, target, identities and compositions. The projections n j '• TljejCj —> Cj are functors. Likewise, given functors Fj : V —^ Cj, there is a (unique) functor F : V —>• Ylje J Cj such that TTJ (F) = Fj for all j .

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