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24 “ unless (you) have m ercy, m y husband will die together w ith the king”, thanl prabhat jus-tunam. 4 f. ( = . . 2) “ to-day, as soon as the day daw ns, the king will die” . b. as a relative participle. — abasyam 62 N r. 3. l "a thing th a t w ill necessarily happen” . 2 “ the prospective heirs” . l “ one w ho knows, that the king is going to die”. c. as a verbal noun, apaman layu. l “ for fear that a curse m ight be pronounced” . 122 4 denotes an action, w hich ought to be done, might be done, or is intended to be done.

64 thethe, younger thithi, is the r e c ip r o c a l p ro n o u n . 2 “ em bracing each other". 28 “ looking into the face of each other”. — Even an agential is found: thithirpsyanarp. je sa thva-hma dhakam . 4 “ a quarrel having arisen, each saying to the other, it is m y cow ” . T he loan-w ord anyonyan is found, too; and the com­ binations thithi anyonyan, thithi paraspar; m ostly in the younger MSS. 65 Interrogative Pronouns. — Used s u b s ta n tia lly the interrogatives are placed at the end o f a sentence im m ediately before the verb.

3. H ans J o rg e n s e n : § -nworp (younger -nam, less frequently - num ), and the weakened form -aip (cf. § 202). —When the interrogatives alone are used as indefinite pronouns, the suffix -nivoiji etc. — In connection w ith ma “no t” the indefinite pronouns signify “ no, none, nothing” . 71 1. , su-chi-nworp etc. — In S there occur sunan, sunun. 2. cho, chu form s chu-nwoip etc. and cho-khi-nwom etc. “ som ething, anything” . (C onrady G ram m . p. 23 has cha- chinam). 3. gwo, gu. T he following form s are found: gwo-hmam, gwo-chi-naip, gu-chi-narp “some, an y ” .

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