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Lassinger writes u for both positions, and Ribera et al.  To differentiate from the vowel /u/, I prefer the symbol w.  I replace this double representation for a single one: y.  Phonetic transcriptions will from this point onward, be clearly marked by [square brackets], phonemic transcriptions by /backslashes/.  Complexity is disallowed in any part of the syllable. ’ 31 A grammar of Yurakaré These are the only exceptions encountered, however. Moreover, adyoljti is often pronounced [adJçlti] or [adJçhti].

1. When a vowel is deleted, as exemplified in (40), C1 becomes the coda of the preceding vowel. (40) VC1VC2V >> VC1V C2V Gemination in these circumstances occurs in two cases: when C1 and C2 are identical (cf. (38)b), or when C1 is a consonant that cannot be in the coda of a syllable (cf. (38)a), when no other adapting process takes place (cf. 1 above). In all other cases, there is no gemination as a result of elision, cf. (39). 5). 4. In environments where the occurrence of geminate sounds cannot be explained, I consider these to be base‐generated.

Furthermore, five manners of articulation are relevant: plosives, fricatives, nasals, laterals and semivowels. For the plosives there is a voiceless‐ voiced opposition, except for the velar plosive /k/. In what follows I will give a short description of each of these sounds, with their allophonic alternations, and with evidence for their phonemic status. In the examples, I will use a phonemic transcription. When transcriptions are phonetic, they will be between square brackets. 21 A grammar of Yurakaré (i) plosives Yurakaré has eight plosive sounds, five of which are voiceless and three are voiced.

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