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Roy was keeping to his room all day. All that winter they were experimenting with protective clothing. When actional durative verbs take the form of the past continuous the actions described do not actually differ from those in the form of the simple past, as both denote actions in progress at some moment of time in the past. g. When I saw him he was standing at the door. (the process) When I saw him he stood at the door. (the fact) 62 Both examples may refer to the same situation. The difference is that the simple past lays the stress on the fact, while the past continuous emphasizes the process, thus presenting the action more vividly.

Scientists believe that the universe has been expanding steadily since the beginning of time. 53 THE PAST TENSES The Simple Past Tense I. Meaning. The simple past tense denotes actions completed at a definite time in the past. II. Formation. Affirmative forms are represented by the second of the basic verb forms. Interrogative forms are built by means of the auxiliary verb to do in the simple past (did), which is placed before the subject, and the infinitive stem of the notional verb, which follows the subject.

In any case, I am relying on you, Father. The Present Perfect Tense I. Meaning. e. a) it continues up to the moment of speaking or b) takes place within a period of time before the moment of speaking and including it. 37 II. Formation. The present perfect is formed analytically, by means of the auxiliary verb to have in the simple present and participle II of the notional verb. Affirmative I have taken He (she, it) has taken We have taken You have taken They have taken Interrogative Have I taken?

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