A Leg To Stand On by Oliver Sacks PDF

By Oliver Sacks

ISBN-10: 1743039611

ISBN-13: 9781743039618

Publish 12 months note: First released in 1984

'Sacks has written a e-book a couple of leg, his leg; however it is a narrative in regards to the nature of selfhood - a story corresponding to Conrad's " the key Sharer"' "New York overview of Books "

'Losing using a limb is a disaster, and it wanted a considerate essay written approximately it. this is often it. it really is greater than that. Oliver Sacks is a neurologist of vast lay interpreting, a guy of humane eloquence, a real communicator conscious of the damnable rift that subsists among health care professional and sufferer. Its worth lies in its willingness to mix the technical and the demonic, to confess poetry and philosophy and the spiritual impulse. it's also intensely own, however it affirms the neighborhood of human experience' Anthony Burgess, "Observer"

'It is in each means a marvellously wealthy and considerate story. Dr Sacks has, once more, emphatically proven how a lot there's nonetheless to be discovered from painstakingly saw and chronicled case history' " Sunday Telegraph"

'Dr Sacks studies his main issue in special scientific, emotional and philosophical phrases. nobody has defined that well-known situation so good ahead of. A notable, beneficiant, shiny and carefully clever piece of writing' "Sunday Times"

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Kono et al. I = 1016 W cm−2 . 1 × 109 V cm−1 , exerts on an electron a force that is as strong as the electron–nucleus interaction in a hydrogen atom. The introduction of handy high-power laser systems into the field of chemistry is innovative and inevitable. Compared to atoms in intense fields, molecules exhibit complex phenomena arising from their additional (vibrational and rotational) degrees of freedom, such as charge-symmetric and -asymmetric dissociation [9], alignment with an external field [10,11], creation of electronically excited fragments [12], and ionization rates that depend on the internuclear distance (known as enhanced ionization) [13–15].

Intramolecular electron transfer induced by such an intense field triggers structural deformation or nuclear motion of molecules. For example, near-IR intense laser pulses can induce structural deformations, such as bond stretching and bond angle bending [26], and even chemical reactions [27, 28]. , the efficiency of intramolecular electron transfer and the probability of a tunnel type of ionization. As the field becomes stronger and its optical period (=2π/ω, where ω is the frequency of light) becomes longer, an electron penetrates (or goes beyond) the distorted “quasistatic” barrier(s) for ionization before the sign of the laser electric field changes [2,3,16–20].

Sch¨ atzel, H. Walther, A. Baltuˇska, E. Goulielmakis, F. B. Miloˇsevi´c, D. Bauer, W. G. Paulus, Attosecond double-slit experiment. Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 040401, 2005 3 Wavepacket Dynamics of Molecules in Intense Laser Fields Hirohiko Kono, Katsunori Nakai, Manabu Kanno, Yukio Sato, Shiro Koseki, Tsuyoshi Kato, and Yuichi Fujimura Abstract. The dynamical behavior of H+ 2 in near-infrared, intense laser fields (I > 1013 W cm−2 and λ > 700 nm) was discussed on the basis of the results of accurate electronic and nuclear wave packet propagation obtained by the application of the dual transformation method.

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