New PDF release: A Reference Grammar of Romanian: Volume 1: The Noun Phrase

By Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin, Ion Giurgea

ISBN-10: 9027255903

ISBN-13: 9789027255907

In response to fresh learn in formal linguistics, this quantity presents an intensive description of the entire approach of Romanian Noun words, understood in a longer experience, that's, as well as nouns, pronouns and determiners, it examines the entire adnominal words: genitive-marked DPs, adjectives, relative clauses, appositions, prepositional words, supplement clauses and non-finite modifiers. The e-book specializes in syntax and the syntax-semantics interface but in addition contains a systematic morphological description of the language. The implicitly comparative description of Romanian inside the booklet can function a kick off point for the examine of the syntax/semantics of Noun words in different languages, whether or no longer they're typologically relating to Romanian. This booklet might be of precise curiosity to linguists engaged on Romanian, Romance languages, comparative linguistics and language typology, in particular simply because Romanian is proper for comparative linguistics not just as a Romance language, but in addition as a part of the so-called Balkan Sprachbund.

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Nu mai spune [altui om]! ’ b′. Nu mai spune [altuia]! g. between D followed by an empty/null N vs. pro-form in which the D together with the empty N form a ‘fused head’. Here, we will assume that the difference between simple and augmented D’s is not structural (all of them sit under D and take a null N as a sister), but merely due to phonological constraints. For arguments in favor of this analysis, see Chapter 3 §3. g. in the direct object and postverbal subject positions. For these positions, the absence of determiner depends on the Number feature, being restricted to plural and non-count nouns.

E. the projection of the N, which contains, in addition to the noun itself, its complements and modifiers: (25) [DP …D … [NP …N …]] Note moreover that certain ‘pronouns’ do not contain any lexical N, but only Determiners. Therefore, the DP-hypothesis, according to which maximal nominal projections are DPs rather than NPs, is crucial in order to explain why pronouns have the same distribution as maximal nominal projections: both types of constituents are DPs. The special status of determiners is also shown by the behavior of the suffixal definite article.

Msg’ vs. fsg’. g. g. masă ‘table’ or câine ‘dog’, is not marked in the lexicon as either singular or plural, nor is it marked as either Nominative, Genitive, etc. g. pantaloni ‘trousers’) that combines with its host (the Determiner and/or the Noun) in the syntax. Case, on the other hand, is neither inherent nor interpretable; it is assigned contextually, in designated syntactic positions, under government by particular syntactic categories. The values of Case features can thus be said to be contextually assigned to the overall DP, hence a K(ase) category that has sometimes been assumed above the DPlevel of representation.

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