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It has been suggested that, in the case of the anaerobes, the atmospheric oxygen does not itself exert an injurious action on the organisms, but that it is used up during bacterial growth to form hydrogen peroxide, to which these organisms are very susceptible. The aerobes, on the other hand, are resistant to H 20 2 , as in the case of the pneumococcus or if susceptible produce a catalase, which breaks it down into water and oxygen. , Ole sporoqenes THE BIOLOGY OF BAOTERIA 29 (an anaerobe) is resistant to H 20 2 , while a few anaerobes produce abundant catalase.

An enormous quantity of work has since been carried out on this subject, and the practical applications of the results are now demonstrated in many different spheres, such as hygiene, surgery, the canning of foods, refrigeration and meat preservation. The subject of bacterial destruction is one of great complexity, due mainly to the large number of variable factors involved in the process. , the smooth-rough variation is accompanied by changes in resistance; (c) the temperature of the test-the higher the temperature the more rapid the action; (d) the time of the test and the number of organisms present-the longer the time of action the more organisms destroyed; (e) the menstruum in which the reaction is taking place-the action of many bactericidal agents is greatly impaired by the presence of extraneous organic matter, such as protein, but tends to be increased by an acid reaction; (f) the concentration of the disinfectant-the greater the concentration the more rapid the action, this is not, however, a simple relationship.

Aerobic conditions are usually essential, but in the case of Spirillum rubrum pigment-formation is most marked under reduced oxygen pressure. Pigment production is facilitated by growth at relatively low temperatures; in many cases it is formed more readily on incubation at between 20°-30° C. than at 37° C. Certain media, such as the potato, favour pigment formation, which is usually more marked by a freshly isolated organism than by one conserved on artificial media for some time. Little is known about the exact chemical nature of the different 34 A TEXT-BOOK OF BAOTERIOLOGY pigments; in only a few cases has the constitution been determined.

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