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General ~ admit v. 1. to ~ frankly, freely, openly, publicly, readily 2. to ~ grudgingly, privately 3. (B) (“to confess”) the accused ~ted his guilt to the police 4. ) (“to allow entry”) to ~ into, to (the manager ~ted him to the theater ; she was ~ted to the university) 5. ) (“to tolerate”) to ~ of (the situation ~s of no delay) 6. ) (“to confess”) to ~ to (he ~ted to his complicity in the crime ; the boy ~ted to stealing the money ; he ~ed to having been bored by the opera) 7. (G) (“to confess”) the employee ~ted stealing the money ; he ~ed having been bored by the opera 8.

A brilliant, crowning, dazzling, epic, glorious, great, lasting, magnificent, major, memorable, monumental, notable, outstanding, phenomenal, remarkable, signal, staggering, superb, wonderful ~ 2. no mean ~ 3. an ~ in (outstanding ~s in science) 4. an ~ to + inf. ) 5. ) acid n. 1. corrosive, strong ~ 2. acetic ; boric ; carbolic ; citric ; hydrochloric ; sulfuric ~ 3. ~ burns (a hole) ; corrodes 4. ) acknowledge v. 1. ) 2. (B) the author ~d her debt to her research assistants 3. ) to ~ as (she ~d him as her heir) 4.

A man, woman of ~ [“plot of a play, novel”] 25. ”] 26. ) a piece of the ~ (“participation in an activity” ; “a share of the profits”) ; the time for ~ is now (“this is the moment to act”) 27. a course of ~ (follow a course of ~) active adj. 1. sexually ~ 2. ~ in 3. to keep, stay ~ (try to keep ~ in old age) activity n. 1. to engage in, participate in, take part in an ~ (all students take part in extracurricular ~ties) 2. to stimulate ~ (to stimulate economic ~) 3. to resume one’s ~ties 4. to break off, terminate an ~ 5.

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