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By Hajime Sato

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The one such a lot tricky factor one faces while one starts to benefit a brand new department of arithmetic is to get a consider for the mathematical feel of the topic. the aim of this e-book is to assist the aspiring reader gather this crucial good judgment approximately algebraic topology in a quick time period. To this finish, Sato leads the reader via uncomplicated yet significant examples in concrete phrases. furthermore, effects will not be mentioned of their maximum attainable generality, yet by way of the best and such a lot crucial instances. based on feedback from readers of the unique version of this booklet, Sato has additional an appendix of invaluable definitions and effects on units, basic topology, teams and such. He has additionally supplied references.Topics coated contain basic notions akin to homeomorphisms, homotopy equivalence, primary teams and better homotopy teams, homology and cohomology, fiber bundles, spectral sequences and attribute sessions. items and examples thought of within the textual content comprise the torus, the Mobius strip, the Klein bottle, closed surfaces, mobile complexes and vector bundles.

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R. , and consider the commutative diagram Yx(e) = + a C* c o. c c D k /r k a maps the cusps of D>/r. Then X-^(e) to boundary points of is an isomorphism Here we used the notation Y-^(e) and <=> X-^(e) e = 1 or 3 . 5). 5. FRANCESCO SCATTONE 54 5,1 First reduction. We start by determining a numerical attached to sublattices E e Io^Ij^ I~(L) (L) into subsets O(L) 1^ ; 0(L)-invariant this enables us to subdivide which are stabilized by the full group and more suitable to manipulations. The invariant we are going to introduce is a natural generalization of the d = div(v) = order of v in Zv e I-,(L) of is from being primitive in L , as it essentially indicates how far a sublattice E z I2 ^L* Let 0(L)-invariant G L , associated to primitive isotropic lines L "e" * a n d t)Ut H E = E^i/E where both orthogonal complements are taken in * inclusion H C L /L = G H ; the number = Z/eZ We notice that, since of GL we see that e E H£ .

2) If M c L is a sublattice of finite index, then in particular: (3) (L@M) d(M) = d(L)»[L:M] * L ©M . The divisibility in L invariant. Clearly, * * of a vector Here the divisor of the positive integer L L c M ; v e L d defined by div(v) = d <=> v e L c L , denoted is an important div(v) , will mean (v,L) = dZ . is spanned by the vectors of the form v/div(v) , v e L ; the corresponding classes in the quotient will be denoted by , thus v * v v « -p—;—r r . div(v) + L e GL An embedding M c L of lattices is called primitive when is torsion free or, equivalently, when any basis of extended to a basis of L .

J , which is described as follows: ( e ^ v ) > 0 , iel}/R + P = {v e C: bounded by hyperplanes and can be incorporated in its by linear inequalities e. e R(L) index P Now draw one vertex of the graph these represent the faces of P . ,) , for integer such that g ij Geometrically, -rr/n. represents the angle at which the hyperplanes Ht e i for and meet in A(L); the integer n^ is also the order of It turns out that this table contains all possibilities e 2 n Hj 13 (i ¥ j) . 9. 0 (L) ot More generally, one can enlarge O'(L) hyperplanes {v} , where we only require then extend, if we replace P and P = {fundamental polyhedron for {veL: (v,v) < 0 , R L = L} .

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