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By Andrew H. Wallace

ISBN-10: 0486462390

ISBN-13: 9780486462394

ISBN-10: 0805394826

ISBN-13: 9780805394825

This self-contained textual content is appropriate for complicated undergraduate and graduate scholars and will be used both after or at the same time with classes normally topology and algebra. It surveys numerous algebraic invariants: the basic team, singular and Cech homology teams, and various cohomology groups.

Proceeding from the view of topology as a kind of geometry, Wallace emphasizes geometrical motivations and interpretations. as soon as past the singular homology teams, notwithstanding, the writer advances an realizing of the subject's algebraic styles, leaving geometry apart so that it will examine those styles as natural algebra. various routines seem through the textual content. as well as constructing scholars' considering by way of algebraic topology, the routines additionally unify the textual content, for the reason that lots of them characteristic effects that seem in later expositions. huge appendixes supply worthy stories of history material.

Reprint of the W. A. Benjamin, Inc., manhattan, 1970 variation.

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Theorem 1-14. Using the notation of Definition 1-29, dP(xo xi ... xp) = (yo yi ... yp) - (xo xi ... xp) - Pd(x0 xi ... xp) Proof. 1)id(xo dP(xo xi ... xp) xi ... xi yi ... Yp) j5i +1)i+j+1(X0X1 j>i The term (yo yi . y p) can be picked from the first sum and the term - (x0 x1 xp) from the second. Then, if the remaining terms in both sums for which i = j are examined, it is found that they cancel in pairs. The remaining terms are E (ji xiYi .

Define the continuous map a': AP x I-+ E x I by the formula 6' (x, t) = (6(X ), t) Then P6, the prism over a, is the (p + 1) chain on E x I defined by the formula P6 = a' (P(xo x1 ... xp)) If a E Cp(E; 9), a = ai ai , then define Pa to be Pa = E ai Pa, This definition clearly makes P a homomorphism of Cp(E; 9) into Cp+1(E x I; 9). The interaction of P with induced homomorphisms will now be examined. : E -+ E' be a continuous map and define f ' : E x I -+ E' x I by f ' (x, t) _ (f(x), t). Theorem 1-12.

91... (by Theorem 1-3) yp) = a - Z(dk) which is the required result. I 1-11. The Excision Theorem 31 Definition 1-32. Let S be a Euclidean p simplex. the point whose barycentric coordinates in S are 1 1 p+1'p+1' The barycenter of S is 1 p+1 Note that if p is 1, 2, or 3, the barycenter of S coincides with the midpoint of a segment or centroid of a triangle or tetrahedron, respectively. The barycentric subdivision operator will now be defined inductively by dimension, using the geometric notion of subdivision indicated above as motivation.

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