Analytical Techniques in Combinatorial Chemistry - download pdf or read online

By Michael E. Swartz

ISBN-10: 0824719395

ISBN-13: 9780824719395

Info tools at the moment to be had and discusses rising thoughts that may have a tremendous influence. Highlights post-synthesis processing innovations.

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C) A computer-simulated spectrum of library H-Xxx-Xxx-Xxx-Cys-OH where Xxx can be any one of the naturally occurring amino acids with the exception of Cys and Trp. (Reprinted from Ref. ) Use of Mass Spectrometry 43 D. Predicting Mass Spectra of Combinatorial Libraries Steinbeck et al. (97) have used a computer generated system to predict the diversity of combinatorial libraries. Using their MASP program, they were able to create libraries with ideal peak overlap in their mass spectra. The program can be employed to optimize and adjust the synthetic process for the creation of true libraries by choosing certain building blocks for the generation of an ideal mass envelope.

BA Bunin, JA Ellman. A general and efficient method for the solid phase synthesis of 1,4-benzodiazepine derivatives. J Am Chem Soc 114:10997–10998, 1992. K Burgess, AI Liaw, N Wang. Statistical sampling of resin pools. J Med Chem 37:2985–2987, 1994. P-L Zhao, RB Nachbar, JA Bolognese, KT Chapman. Two new criteria for choosing sample size in combinatorial chemistry. J Med Chem 39:350–352, 1996. KS Lam, SE Salmon, EM Hersh, VJ Hruby, WM Kazmierski, RJ Knapp. A new type of synthetic peptide library for identifying ligand-binding activity.

The number of possible structures may run into the millions or billions of compounds, thus requiring efficient structure Introduction 23 searching, generation, and display. From the virtual library, the chemist will select (perhaps using automated methods) the targets that will actually be synthesized and become part of the real library. This target list will then lead to a list of reagents needed for the synthesis. Reagents will need to be ordered from outside vendors or acquired internally. Since most automated synthesis apparatus handle reagents in solution, reagents will then have to be weighed and diluted with appropriate solvents to produce reagent solutions of standard concentration.

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