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Its head is dark at the sides and pale on top, and its body has large irregular markings on a darker background. 8 m) Egg-laying 6–12, rarely more Nocturnal k Least Concern Python curtus Blood Python This is a very heavy-bodied python, with a variety of colors and markings. the blood python is also called the short-tailed python due to the fact that its tail accounts for only about 10 percent of its total length. its eyes are small and the irises are orange.  brongersmai. Blood pythons from some regions are suffused with red, providing this snake with its common name.

E. 5 m) Egg-laying 4–16 Diurnal k Near Threatened Large snake Four-lined snakes are some of the largest snakes in europe, with adults reaching considerable lengths. Elaphe quatuorlineata Four-lined snake Young snakes Juveniles are pale gray with bold dark blotches on their back. These fade with age and four dusky longitudinal stripes appear. The four-lined snake is a fairly heavy-bodied snake with a wide head. There is some variation in color and size depending on its origins. Juveniles are completely different from adults, being pale gray with spots, and acquire the stripes as they mature.

It does not constrict its prey but simply grasps it and begins to swallow; it may also use its body to press the victim against the ground or the side of a burrow before swallowing it. This species used to include several Central and South american forms, but they have recently been classified as five distinct species. SnakeS | ColubridAe 58 Slender snake The crowned dwarf snake is a slender, sandy-colored species with a prominent crownlike crossband behind its head. Full view tapering tail dark “crown” marking black pupils pale crossbands smooth scales ProFile e f Middle East b Up to 23½ in (60 cm) Dry rocky hillsides and fields Egg-laying 3–7 Crepuscular k Least Concern Eirenis coronella Crowned dwarf snake This species, like all other dwarf snakes, lives a secretive life in places where there is plenty of cover, hiding beneath stones, rocks, or dry clay rubble.

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