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Once the message gets to the rest of the colony, the ants begin to swarm the entrance and crawl all over the stick. When the end of the stick is covered with ants, the chimp will remove it and lick them off. On the subject of food, if you’ve ever had a picnic outdoors, you’ve probably noticed lines of ants walking back and communication using chemicals 39 These nomadic African army ants, photographed in Ghana, show how soldier ants form two lines to protect a central lane of ants carrying food.

For many animals, a threat signal wouldn’t be complete without an appropriate sound to go along with it. The hiss of a cat, the growl of a dog, and the roar of communication using sound 53 a lion let opponents know that they are angry and mean business. Angry elephants flare their ears and wave their trunks while trumpeting. The trumpet is the final warning signal before they charge. Many animals that live in groups have a special type of threat signal that works as a distress call. These alarm calls are designed to alert the other members of the group to danger.

4 Communication Using Sound It’s amazing how many different animal sounds can be heard in a forest at night. The chirps of crickets, the croaks of frogs, the occasional screech of an owl—animals are using sound to communicate. There are a number of reasons that sound is such a popular way for animals to communicate. One big advantage is that sound can be used when it’s dark as well as during the day. Also, a sound is broadcast in all directions. This means that many animals can receive a message at one time, without having to see who is making the sound.

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