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Male mallards have bright green feathers on their heads. They have gray and black body feathers. Female mallards have brown and black speckled feathers. Scientists suspect that these color differences help birds identify their own species and help make the males more attractive to females. The more colorful male mallard (left ( left left)) looks very different than the female mallard.

When it’s time to court and mate, they form schools of hundreds of fish for a few days. schooling isn’t always a good thing. schooling makes it easier for humans to find and catch large numbers of fish all at once. this sometimes depletes fish populations quickly. in the first half of the 1900s, sardine fishing was a thriving industry off the coast of northern california. But overfishing of sardine schools dropped the population from more than 4 million tons in the 1930s to just 5,000 tons by the 190s.

Other insects and arachnids touch tails or antennae to communicate 30 insect and Arachnid courtship 31 during courtship. Each of these physical signals works to help them recognize others of their kind, or species. Beetle courtship A beetle is an insect with a rigid wing. About 40% of all insects are beetles, and new species are discovered almost every day. Beetles live everywhere on Earth except in the oceans and the Mating between two dung beetles may occur within a ball of dung. 32 AnimAl courtship polar regions.

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