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Animals: From Mythology to Zoology starts with an overview of early principles concerning the nature and foundation of animals. Rulers within the old international stored collections of animals to provoke their viewers and reveal their energy. The e-book describes a few of these collections in China, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome and tells how they built from menageries to fashionable zoos. humans have constantly drawn classes from the habit of animals and the publication describes a few genuine animals and the “characters” they have been as soon as purported to own. it's yet brief step from there to record of wonderful beasts that writers heard approximately from sailors and different viewers to far away areas of the realm, and in addition to amazing animals there have been additionally very good people. From there the ebook returns to fact and outlines of the expansion of contemporary zoology and animal class, and of ethology the examine of animal habit.

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Aristotle also observed that in a species of dogfish known as the dusky smoothhound (Mustelus canis), the young develop inside the mother’s body attached to a structure resembling a mammalian placenta—in fact, a yolk sac. Again, naturalists dismissed the idea until , when the German physiologist Johannes Peter Müller (–) verified it. Aristotle seems to have possessed boundless energy, and his contribution to zoology was huge. Apart from his own work, he provided guidance for his pupils in the form of lectures and encouragement to undertake research.

Marco Polo was born in Venice on September , . His father, Niccoló Polo, was a merchant. Niccoló and his two brothers Maffeo and Marco were business partners trading with Asia. In  Niccoló and Maffeo sailed from Constantinople (now Istanbul), 31 32 ANIMALS where they had been living for several years, to Sudak, a port in the Crimea where there was a Venetian colony and where their brother Marco owned a house. They were seeking better markets and after a time they moved eastward from Sudak, forming or joining a caravan transporting goods to Sarai Batu, a city on the River Volga where Berke Khan, ruler of the Mongol state known as the Golden Horde, had established his capital.

A small menagerie opened in Edo in . This moved to Ueno Park in , where it developed to become the present Ueno Zoological Gardens. Until Kyoto Zoo opened in , Ueno Zoo was the only zoo in Japan. MARCO POLO AND THE GARDENS OF KINSAI In the late th century, the Venetian merchant Marco Polo (– ) visited a large city in China that he called Kinsai (or Quinsay). Today, it is called Hangzhou and is the capital of Zhejiang Province in the People’s Republic of China. ). ai ANIMALS 30 01/14/2009 moved to Beijing, and Kublai Khan (–) ruled the empire.

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