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The problems focused on this e-book are advanced and visit the center of the way alliances, the elemental devices of the present constitution of foreign safety, should still functionality.

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21 In totality, these cases help illustrate the following points concerning the manner in which ANZUS has defined its scope. First, Americanled enlistment of the arrangement for adding political weight to actions designed to contain Communist-inspired expansionism has ranged across a broad Asian and Pacific arc. Second, the degree of emphasis accorded such enlistment by Australia and New Zealand has depended to the extent that those countries have perceived such a containment posture meshing with their other political and economic interests.

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Upon entering an alliance, states sign a treaty, in essence a contractual agreement that creates rights and obligations and stipulates their commitments and the casus foederis and the circumstances under which these commitments would be activated. What is remarkable about many alliance treaties is that their commitments are couched in a fairly vague, general and non-specific way. This may be advantageous when it permits a broader interpretation of defence and security interests, but it may also prove to be a distinct liability when it encourages different perceptions, expectations and interpretation of the nature of commitments.

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