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Why do you could have striped epidermis? Who else lives within the jungle? are you able to see within the dark?

Ask a Dinosaur provides youngsters the solutions they call for approximately this mesmerizing and extinct animal, instantly from the horse's-or for this reason, dinosaur's-mouth.

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Which was the longest? Seismosaurus was 130–165 ft (40–50 m) from its nose to the end of its tail. That’s about the same as eight African elephants in a row. The smallest dinosaur fossil found was of a baby Mussaurus. It was the length of a pencil. Which was the smartest? Troodon had a very large brain compared to its body size. This means it was brighter than other dinosaurs and may have been as smart as birds today. Which laid the largest egg? The fossilized eggs of Macroelongatoolithus xixiaensis have been found in China.

However, 65 million years ago something more dramatic caused dinosaurs and other large flying and swimming reptiles to die out completely. A meteorite crashes into Earth. 28 Why did you all die out? Scientists have a few ideas. Some of them think giant rocks from space, known as meteorites, smashed into Earth, making a dust cloud of poisonous fumes. At the same time, lots of volcanoes erupted, sending up clouds of ash and dust. These dust clouds blocked out the Sun and it became very cold. The plants died off, leaving very little for us to eat, so we died.

31 Index Ankylosaurus [ANG-ki-lo-SORE-uss] 20–21 Archaeopteryx [AR-kee-OP-terricks] 11 Argentinosaurus [AR-jen-TEEN-oh-SORE-uss] 9 Baronyx [barry-ON-icks] 7, 15 Barosaurus [barrow-SORE-uss] 8–9 Brachiosaurus [brackee-oh-SORE-uss] 7, 9 Caudipteryx [kor-DIP-terricks] 10–11 Corythosaurus [ko-RITH-oh-SORE-uss] 19 Deinonychus [die-NON-ee-kuss] 12–13 Edmontonia [ED-mon-TOE-nee-a] 20 Elasmosaurus [ee-LAZ-moe-SORE-uss] 26–27 Euoplocephalus [YOU-owe-ploh-SEFF-a-luss] 20 Gastonia [gass-TOE-nee-a] 20 Giganotosaurus [jig-anno-toe-SORE-uss] 31 T-rex skull Hypsilophodont [HIP-sill-OFF-o-dont] 7 Ichthyosaur [IK-thee-o-SORE] 26 Iguanodon [ig-WAHN-o-don] 6, 7 Irritator [IHR-i-TAY-tor] 15 Lambeosaurus [LAM-bee-o-SORE-uss] 19 Leaellynasaura [lee-ELL-in-a-SORE-a] 16–17 Liopleurodon [LIE-o-PLOOR-o-don] 26 Maiasaura [MY-a-SORE-a] 16 Minmi [MIN mee] 7 Mosasaur [MOH-suh-SORE] 26 Mussaurus [moose-SORE-uss] 30 Parasaurolophus [PA-ra-SORE-oh-LOAF-uss] 6, 18–19 Pentaceratops [PEN-ta-SERRA-tops] 23 Plateosaurus [play-TEE-oh-SORE-uss] 6 Protoceratops [PRO-toe-SERRA-tops] 7, 23 Quetzalcoatlus [KWET-zal-KOH-at-lus] 30 Seismosaurus [SIZE-moe-SORE-uss] 9, 31 Sinornithosaurus [SIEN-or-nith-o-SORE-uss] 11 Sinosauropteryx [SIEN-o-sore-OP-terricks] 11 Spinosaurus [SPY-no-SORE-uss] 7, 14–15 Stegosaurus [steg-oh-SORE-uss] 5 Struthiomimus [STROOTH-ee-o-MYE-mus] 31 Styracosaurus [sty-RACK-oh-SORE-us] 23 Therizinosaurus [thair-uh-ZEEN-o-SORE-uss] 31 Triceratops [try-SERRA-tops] 6, 22–23, 25 Troodon [TROH-o-don] 31 Tsintaosaurus [CHING-dow-SORE-uss] 19 Tyrannosaurus rex [tie-RAN-o-SORE-uss recks] 6, 23, 24–25 Velociraptor [vell-OSS-ee-RAP-tor] 13 Glossary Cretaceous A period of time on Earth between 145 and 65 million years ago.

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