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By Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk

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The ebook introduces the concept that of uneven occasions, a big idea in language and cognition, which, for the 1st time in linguistic literature, is pointed out in a extra systematic means and analyzed in a few diversified languages, together with typologically or genetically unrelated ones. uneven occasions are or extra occasions of unequal prestige in an utterance and papers within the quantity current ways that a linguistic description of major occasions in a sentence is diverse (morphologically, syntactically, discursively) from an outline of backgrounded events.The prototypical asymmetries concerning belief, cognition, and language are pointed out in subordination, nominalization and amendment of varied varieties yet they expand to coordinate buildings, serial verbs, spatial language and viewing association, in addition to half - complete relatives. the viewpoint is generally cognitive and practical, the authors use varied although complementing methodologies, a few contain corpus info, and the asymmetries are proven to have quite a few stylistic and ideological implications.An in-depth research of manifold asymmetries in constitution and serve as of various languages makes this quantity of curiosity to linguists of other persuasion, philosophers, cognitive researchers, discourse analysts and scholars of language and cognition.

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Casad The subject of perception is brought onto the scene as the object of perception in (9a) both by means of the 1st person singular direct object prefix on the verb tú’a ‘to hit’ and by the postverbal free personal pronoun.

The placement of the label kaabout halfway along the path of visual perception is intended to convey the idea that the directionality of the path is more salient to this usage than is the strictly locative sense of ka-. To be sure, the path of visual perception impinges on a locative reference point at the bottom of the cliff and the location of that end point is a crucial part of the assertion associated with the use of the stative verb tee that conveys the notion of something being a long way off.

Three more are given in (6 a-c). (6) a. an-ta-mé top-straight-go:PAST ‘He crossed the street’ b. an-tá-tee top-straight-extended ‘It is long way across to the other side’ c. á ha-úu-tee there: DIST DIST-that:way-extended ‘It is a long ways off to over there’ What is common to the examples in (6 a-c) is the directionality of movement and the anchoring of the directed movement to the speaker’s position and leading away from it. (6a) presents actual motion of someone away from the speaker’s viewing position, going across a bounded ground level surface from one side to the other.

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